Small Wedding Cake Options


A micro wedding or an elopement may not constitute ordering a multi-tiered cake to enjoy during your reception. A custom wedding cake that is designed to serve a small group of people can contain multiple flavors and frosting varieties or a series of accent pieces that will add volume to a cake.

A Multi-Flavored Cake

If you would like your wedding cake to be fancy, without ordering too much cake for the number of guests who you will be inviting, speak to a cake decorator about multi-flavored cakes. A bakery that sells wedding products may feature presliced cakes or mini cakes that each contain multiple cake and frosting flavors. This type of cake may be what you would consider a sampler-style dessert.

Slice counts and sizes may vary, depending upon the overall circumference of the cake and the number of people who will be attending your reception. If you would like your wedding dessert to have a more uniform appearance, order a couple of mini cakes, each having a distinct flavor. Maybe, you could order one small chocolate cake and one small vanilla cake. Each cake can have unique decorations added to it. The desserts can be set up, side-by-side, on the dessert bar or table where you will be serving your guests.

Accent Pieces

A single-tiered cake that is small in stature may not look overly impressive. A cake that contains a smooth coating of frosting and that lacks other adornments may not seem very appealing to you or to your guests. Accent pieces will add volume to a small cake and will provide a custom dessert with color and texture that will stand out. Grapes, raisins, flowers, candy beads, and painted leaf adornments can be used to accent the top or sides of a cake.

If you would like to forego using a standard icing type, ask a cake decorator about fondant or cable-knit icing techniques. A decorator may use a series of piping tools and other application materials to add artistic touches to a cake.

Prepare a way to display the cake. A cake dish that contains a pedestal and a serving tray will elevate the dessert, allowing your guests to get a good view of the dessert as they pass by the table where the cake will be served. Fancy dishes and utensils can be arranged around the cake to give the dessert area a polished and refined appearance. 

To learn more, contact a bakery that offers custom wedding cakes


21 April 2022

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